Guest Posting

Yes, I happily accept guest posts to share with my audience here at :)

In order to streamline things and save time all around, I’ve compiled a few guidelines for you. And they are…

  • Your post cannot be overtly promotional. While it is certainly ok to have one or two links within your post directed back towards your site, blatantly commercial links will not be accepted!
  • Your post must bring value to my readers. I think that this is fairly self explanatory but  let me explain.  Your content must be relevant of course. I would like to think that not only does your content add value but it does so in an interesting and unique manner.  There are over 100 million blogs on the internet today, perhaps many more than that, and we know that many of them say the same things over and over again.  So, the rules are simple, if you want to send me a post make sure that it is unique, full of personality and just downright interesting, this way people will want to read it!
  • If You Don’t Know What To Write, Don’t Contact Me…  This is a fairly simple one, but surprisingly quite a few people get this wrong!  Straightforward process, if you have a post in mind for this blog, write it and send it to me for evaluation!  I will not respond to you if you write to me asking what topics you can write on!!!
  • Boring Won’t Cut It.  You have to write with your prospect reader in mind.  You have to realise that most people are incredibly busy these days and if you want to be noticed then you have to stand out from the crowd.  Your post must be unique, interesting and make compelling reading.  And your writing must make sense and be easy to follow.
  • Be Ready For The Web…  Before you send your post to me, run a spell and grammar check.  If the post has too many errors that I have to correct, I won’t publish!  I might not be a qualified proof reader, but I can tell the difference between a correctly formatted and grammatically correct post and one that is neither!  Just remember that your job is to send me a post I can basically cut and paste into WordPress.  The closer you are to that goal line, the better it is for your post!
  • Include your bio at the end. Please do not have more than 2-3 sentences.
  • Exclusivity is an Absolute Must!  Your post must be unique to  You cannot have published it elsewhere, even on your own site!

Submit Your Post

Please use the  Contact Form and send your proposal into my support desk.  At that stage it will be evaluated by my assistant.

What to Expect Next…

  1. Your post will be drafted and reviewed!  Only once my assistant has verified that your post meets my guidelines will the post then be forwarded on to me to see if I like it or not.
  2. Please note that I cannot give you any kind of timeframe on when your post will be published. Various things can affect the publishing schedule on this blog, including any promotions I might be running.
  3. While I will try to give you advanced warning of your post being published, realize that it doesn’t always happen. Nothing personal. I try my best.
  4. When the post goes live, be prepared to monitor reader comments and reply to them on the blog.